• Textile Warehouse
  •  Hotel Cleaning
  • Packers of soft and wooden toys, children’s games
  • Sorting Tulip Bulbs
  1. Textile Warehouse

Open for both Women and men

  8-9 hours of work🗓️

  1000-1200 € rate💶 (easier work for women in packing and labeling goods, for men – warehouse work)

  Housing 200 of the salary, good conditions🏨

  Legal by A1, business trip

  Have boots🥾 with a reinforced toe, jeans, overalls are given out partially👚

  Departures Tuesday, Thursday, from Lviv at 17.00, railway station🚍

  Netherlands -Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Utrecht

 2. Hotel Cleaning

  Men, Women, Couples under 60 years old❗️There are places !!!

  I’ll take Georgians ❗️

  For Polish visas ❗️

  🧬The work consists in cleaning the rooms, changing bed linen, cleaning the shower, replacing old hygienic things with new ones.

  🖍8.50 € net !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  in hour

  45-50 hours per week (190-200 hours per month)

  🖍Housing 150 € with a salary of 2-4 people in a room (family couples separately)

  🖍 Salary once a month

  🖍desirable who speaks English or understands.

  Without knowing the language, you can also

3. Sorting Tulip Bulbs

  For Girls or couples – urgently needed

  Salary 9.5-10.5 EUR net

  ⏰Schedule: 8-10 hours, 6 days a week

  🏡Housing 80-120 euros per week

  Registration for Polish📃 work visas

  Departures directly to Holland, without working in Poland

  Departure for registration in Poland for 2 days, overnight in a hostel at your expense.  Obtaining a tax number and salary card.

4. Packers of soft and wooden toys, children’s games

 A set of stackers for the “IKONIC TOYS” enterprise is open!

 The plant, established in 2015, is engaged in the development and production of soft and wooden toys, children’s games🧸🎎🧩🎯 🌐 Location: Delft, The Netherlands

  Work is suitable for everyone:

 ● Men, women and couples

 ● Knowledge of the language is not required

 ● aged from 19 to 55 years old inclusive

 ● o / r is not required, the main thing is quick learning and developed motor skills, the desire to work productively and increase turnover

 The work consists in:

 📌 Visual inspection of products for defects

 📌 sorting out the marriage

 📌operations for the packaging of toys on the filling conveyor

 📌 Packaging toys in wrappers, sticker and labeling

 Laying in sealed boxes then in boxes according to types and names

 📌 loading for dispatch to the warehouse

 📌work on the packaging conveyor

 📌 there is no noise and strong odors in the workplace

 The employer guarantees:

 Hourly wage: 9.8 € / hour

 Work over 8 hours / day is paid 10.4 € / hour (this is + 7% to the rate)

 Salary per month: 1960―2272 € net

 50 € / month – premium for quality and error-free work

 Operating mode: stable daily shifts for 8 hours;  6 days a week + there is an opportunity to work extra hours + 1–2 hours;  200-230 hours per month

 🏠 from the company accommodation: a hostel with all amenities (there are all household appliances and plumbing, hot water, wi-fi);  3-4 people are accommodated in rooms;  married couples settle separately;  for several rooms an equipped kitchen and a separate bathroom (several) + laundry services;  for all utilities 200 € / month  (removed from salary);  the rent is compensated by the employer

 🆓 the company provides free lunches + free bus delivery

 Packers of soft and wooden toys, children’s games


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