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1. Independence & Confidence

Going abroad to study lets you lead an independent life. You get to travel far from your place and manage your life without the support of your family. Travelling abroad alone is in itself a courageous step to take. Facing the challenges that may come your way help you gain confidence and you become a stronger person in life.

2. New Friends

Studying abroad is just a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. Universities abroad have students from the whole world. You get to meet with people from new nations. Friends turn into good friends who then support you through different phases of your life. With friends, you have an opportunity to have fun and explore an entirely new country with them.

3. Experience New Cultures.

Besides learning the culture of the country that you visit, you also get to learn the traditions and ethnicities of the countries of the new friends that you make. Learning about new traditions and partaking in festivals is an entirely new experience. The local festivities of each country are unique and enjoyable.  

4. Learn New Languages

While English is a language that is globally spoken, you also come face to face with the local languages of the country that you have gone to pursue your studies in. Learning a new language of the place from the friends that you make is exciting. It is always cool to learn and know a new language

5. Improve Your Resume

One of the best parts of studying abroad is that you get to mention it on your resume. It is an important highlight in your career path. Companies prefer individuals that have learned abroad. Your resume would be preferred over the others for sure. Individuals with degrees from abroad are also offered better packages.

6. Food

All of us love food! A new country gives you access to an entirely new cuisine. Whether it is US, UK, China, Russia, Germany, Dubai or any other country, each one has a list of their own special foods. Back home you have tasted good noodles, but getting the taste of authentic noodles while you are China is something totally different.  

7. Opportunity to Work Abroad

Studying abroad also gives you an opportunity to stay back and work in the country that you have come to study. Having blended in their environment, you know the country well and have a degree from their university. This increases your chances of getting an opportunity in landing a job there

5 Reasons to go with Euro-cash Kenya for Studying in Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East & Asia

#1. Top Countries to Study

Eurocash Kenya has worked with top economic countries like USA, China, Netherlands, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Italy, Denmark many more. We work very closely with some of the top universities across Canada, USA, Asia and Europe.  The smooth process of admission has create a trust-bond between us and applicants.

#2. Quality Universities

We connect you with World-class universities; top facilities and inspirational teaching. This has made us the preferred consultants among the Indian and African students. Eurocash Kenya is the admission partner of many QS and financial ranked top global universities. By hosting several admission events with, Canada, USA, and Asia Europe’s direct representatives, we give a broad perspective to students and delivers them an opportunity to solve their queries plus a better understanding of the foreign universities.

#3. Pioneer in Europe, USA & Canada

Eurocash Kenya is one of the leaders in terms of foreign education consulting services. Our high network with USA, Canadian & European universities and vast experience in this field made the first choice for consulting services. We are the serving in the field of USA, Canadian & European studies from more than a decade.

#4. Above 90% Visa Success Rate

Every year we received 500+ study visa for European, USA & Canadian countries and our visa success is above 90%. From application form to interview preparation of the students by Eurocash Kenya ensure the higher chance of visa success.

#5. Fastest visa process

Eurocash Kenya mentors the students in all 360° directions from filling the application form, collection of appropriate documents to the preparation for the interview.

We apply for the visa through the VFS process to make it more easy and quick.

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